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深圳新航道 > 雅思學習 > 《劍14》Test 3 大作文范文解析

《劍14》Test 3 大作文范文解析

來源:      瀏覽:      發布日期:2019-05-05 11:33

《劍14》Test 3 大作文題目:Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


考過類似的話題是關于“whether sports can bring together people of different cultures and ages together”。



帶著立場寫開頭,信息節奏快,廢話壓縮到最少 → Music is a good way of connecting people, for example, Europeans and the Chinese or the older and the younger. 接下來,可能是一句“套話”→ Although some people might disagree, this is the truth.

To begin with, of a song, the lyrics may be incomprehensible because of the language in which the song is written, the melody is linguistically neutral.  ← 一旦出現“天上飄”的概念,就需要立即用“接地氣”的方式解釋清楚: As a matter of fact, a listener does not need to understand the language of the lyrics to feel the melody. As a result, the music is likely to excite or to melt the listeners regardless of whether they speak the language or grow up in the culture in which the music is produced. ← “小詞”的使用特別值得被注意。 精簡的一句話的例子來作為論證的必要補充 →  In other words, an American may be fond of a Chinese song, and a British musician may have a large population of Asian fans. 遇上抽象話題的時候,會舉例子替代怎么也說不清的道理就很關鍵。 Both cases illustrate that music is the common ground between different cultures and the shared interest between people from the different cultures.

In addition, no ageism could be found in the world of music. Admittedly, older generations may have musical preferences different from those of younger generations. However, there is no fine division, and the boundaries are blurred. It is not surprising that a young individual likes the nostalgic feel of songs written decades ago or unbelievable that a middle-aged person enjoys the music that seems to attract only the teenage demographic. 精簡的一句話的例子來作為論證的必要補充→ For example, during festival seasons in particular, a whole family, three generations of members, gathered, sing and dance by the same song with plenty of heartful joy. 遇上抽象話題的時候,會舉例子替代怎么也說不清的道理就很關鍵。

In light of all the cases above, music brings together people of different cultures and ages. This is so true that the few exceptions do not matter. ← 結尾段落同樣需要信息節奏快,廢話壓縮到最少。

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